Transit of Mercury!

I actually got to see this Monday, thanks to a local astronomy club. I wrote it up on my livejournal and my author blog. Here’s the livejournal link, and here it is on my blog.


A couple more blog posts-

For all the writers out there, if you haven’t read Ursula LeGuin’s Steering the Craft, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s not a book you can just sit down and read cover to cover. You have to work through it, think about it, live with it, share it – all those good things. I did a couple of exercises from it with the writing group in the library, and you can see the result on my livejournal, here. It’s also posted on my author page. As always, comments are welcome in any or all places. Enjoy!

Oh – I did say a couple of blog posts, didn’t I? I have a couple more new ones below this one and would love readers for those, too. 🙂  Also, another Telakan recipe will appear there shortly.