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A couple of random thoughts on DS9 episodes

So – having watched the show in its entirety, my sister (the lovely Deirdrea – deirdrej on livejournal) and I are watching episodes here and there, mostly from the fifth season. Among those we saw recently were “Dr. Bashir, I presume” and “The Begotten”.  And-

I really love Kukalaka! And here is why. It isn’t childishness that makes Dr. Bashir hang on to him; at least, not entirely. Little Jules stitched that bear together at the age of 6, as a small, slow, differently abled child. Kukalaka is concrete proof to the good doctor that the child he was is the person he is today. He’s still stubborn, determined, capable, and a healer, just as he was as a little boy. The best parts of him were things he already had long before anyone “fixed” him.

And then there’s the lovely grandfather/father/child dynamic in “The Begotten”. Warning – some spoilers ahead!




When the dying changeling child gives what it has and “heals” Odo, its foster-father, that act has major consequences. I mentioned, “It’s because of his compassion for the child that Odo gets his abilities back, and this in turn allows him to heal his people and stop a war.”

Deirdrea commented, “The pity of Bilbo will rule the fate of many! It’s really quite Christian, isnt’ it?”

“Yes, it is”, I said. “But Bilbo is more so. The child is an innocent little child. Gollum is – well, Gollum!”

Still, the resonances with Tolkien are really neat! At least, I think so.