lost on the web-

Eek!  So, having joined Flickr, I now have five email addresses! What does one person need with five email accounts?


Anyway, library pics to follow, when I have time.


2 thoughts on “lost on the web-

  1. Eeeek is right! I know just how you feel. Right now I have a teeny tiny notebook which I use solely for the purpose of keeping track of user names and passwords.

    1. The notebook’s a good idea. But, honestly, I kind of hate Flickr for making me get yet another e-mail address — and then refusing to recognize the email addresses my friends and I actually HAVE! If you don’t have yahoo or hotmail or aol, you’re sunk. Grrr! Same problem with twitter, of course, and I don’t know how on earth I’m supposed to communicate with this thing when it doesn’t even recognize my actual email address!

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